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THERE IS NOTHING EASIER than switching to a plant-based diet.

It can be a daunting task switching from a lifestyle you’ve known all your life but know that you can easily transform your health, like hundreds of other people who have swapped their beloved processed foods for delicious, healthier options.

So, let me show you how to boost your immune system, stop premature aging and experience life on a whole new level, naturally!

My Approach

Making better food choices is always easier when your pantry is stocked with foods that are healthy! I assess your current diet & lifestyle state and work through it with you, as well as the ingredients and detergents that you currently use in your home or office, then suggest alternatives and where to find them, that are both healthy for you and vegan-friendly.

Results To Expect

A diet rich in plant-based foods allows your body to function at its optimal-best; providing proper hydration, healing and energy on a cellular-level. You can expect weight-loss, beautiful skin and much more! It’s time to enjoy your life with vibrant health, increased energy; while knowing exactly what to buy, eat and use in your home. 
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Plant-based is all about staying close to nature, here are my Top 5 Tips to help you get going!

About Alani

Plant-based Diet & Lifestyle Consultant.

Raw Vegan Recipe Creator. Author.

Plant-based Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. Recipe Creator. Author.

I aim to inspire you to transform from a processed to a plant-based lifestyle for self-healing, optimal-living and weight-loss with my whole-food plant-based recipes, tips and workshops.

I have lost 15kg (and counting) on a raw vegan plant-based diet; hydrated my body on a cellular-level, slowied down the aging process, cured PMS and IBS.

Raw for health. Vegan for the animals. 

“I am absolutely shocked and over the moon; the plant-based lifestyle has transformed my skin from acne to clear, beautiful skin I thought I’d never experience! I officially threw away my make up… I am only wearing mascara. My scars have faded SO much!! I don’t know how to thank you enough for all your knowledge and guidance. It feels miraculous!!”
Kaylee Clifford
(Winner of the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge 2018)

“I feel amazing. I have been so tired and exhausted for so long. I thought it was all part of getting older. My clothes are sitting loosely and I am comfortable in my own skin again. I have improved my running time and reached a new personal best – my performance as an athlete has improved tenfold!  Thank you Alani for your guidance. You truly have been fantastic!”
Heidi Rohr
(After completing the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge)

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long does it take to turn my house into a plant-based home?

You can go plant-based overnight, or gradually over 21 days. That depends entirely on your choices, your budget and your health.

Can you help me lose excess weight?
Yes, I can help you! Try my original Fitness Magazine 60 Day Plant-based Challenge or contact me for a custom plan.
Can I take part in the 60 Day Challenge without being a member?

Yes, you can! You can purchase the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge meal plan. You can also include the Pantry Makeover in your purchase.

Must I consult my doctor before changing my lifestyle?
Yes, please do! It is important to educate yourself about your current health state, as well as during your healing process.
Can you turn my office into a plant-based office?

Yes! I can assist you with your kitchen detergents and cafeteria.

What equipment do you recommend?
It is a good idea to use high-end kitchen equipment, for maximum benefits: cold press juicers, commercial blenders and equipment as simple as plant milk bags and a spiralizer! Visit my store to purchase from my favourite kitchen equipment list.
Can you help me heal my cancer?

I do not diagnose anything, or work with anyone who has serious health issues, I will refer you to a Registered Dietitian (or you need to speak to your MD).
I am not a doctor, health professional or botanist, nor do I claim to be an expert when it comes to health-related issues. The information on this page is purely from over 15 years of research, self-taught knowledge and personal experience.

I provide evidence-based, non-prescriptive nutritional advice to non-clinical clients.

What is plant-based?

Plant-based is a lifestyle that comprises of consuming whole foods in their natural state (for best nutrition and nourishment), as well as using plant-based, environmentally- and animal-friendly detergents, hygiene products and other household goods.
Although many plant-based gurus will recommend plant-based with animal products, I recommend and live by the raw vegan plant-based lifestyle – which is both healthy for you and better for the planet! 

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