A Season Filled With Love

by Alani Keiser | Oh, How I Love Christmas

Christmas Elf

by Alani Keiser | Oh, How I Love Christmas










Alani, that’s me writing this…
I’m from South Africa, and I have been singing since I was able to put a comb in my mouth 🙂
Christmas time is often difficult for me, because I truly long to be with my late grandparents again.
They really knew how to light up a child’s life with joy!

I met Nancy online, 8 years ago, when we started working together on music.
Can you believe we have texted every single day?! (but haven’t met yet?!).

Nancy King is a songwriter from the NSAI North Carolina Chapter, and has THE biggest heart you will ever find!
With over 100 songs written, Christmas lyrics are her favorite! (I know this because her joy turns up to the max when she hears the final song).

… and then there’s Mark! 🙂
South African producer, Mark Beling, is the chocolate ganache that holds this
cake together.
I don’t know how he does it but when Nancy sends me lyrics, I voice record an idea and he creates a masterpiece!

Together we love creating Christmas songs, because we get to be children again and play with bells and our minds can release wonderful ideas to make others happy!

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