The 60 Day Plant-based Challenge 

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! As seen in Fitness Magazine.
The original 60 Day Plant-based Challenge is back, with new recipes
added to the plan!

This raw vegan plant-based challenge saw women shed excess fat, heal their bodies, clear acne and more… jump in and get ready for something totally life-changing!

Members pay half price (annual members join FREE).

Read about the 2018 results here

“I am absolutely shocked and over the moon; the plant-based lifestyle has transformed my skin from acne to clear, beautiful skin I thought I’d never experience! I officially threw away my make up… I am only wearing mascara. My scars have faded SO much!! I don’t know how to thank you enough for all your knowledge and guidance. It feels miraculous!!”
Kaylee Clifford
(Winner of the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge 2018)

“I feel amazing. I have been so tired and exhausted for so long. I thought it was all part of getting older. My clothes are sitting loosely and I am comfortable in my own skin again. I have improved my running time and reached a new personal best – my performance as an athlete has improved tenfold!  Thank you Alani for your guidance. You truly have been fantastic!”
Heidi Rohr
(After completing the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge)

60 Days Plant-based Challenge
by Alani Keiser

The all-natural, all-eco lifestyle challenge!

In September over 200 women signed up to challenge themselves to a 60-day raw vegan plant-based lifestyle. Within 2 weeks 160 women fell away. After 30 days 15 women shed 72,3kgs – while some reached their target and left to continue with their lives outside of the group, the final result, after 60 days, less than 12 women pushed on through and changed their lives entirely.

While the group consisted of women wanting to shed excess fat, there were other women who joined to heal a disease or improve their athletic performance – in each instance, 12 women succeeded, and most are still on their journey. They took part in raw food workshops, enjoyed oxygen therapy and had support and guidance in a closed group on social media which is now a membership site.

One lady in particular, Kaylee Clifford, joined the challenge to change her eating habits; her goal was to become a raw vegan. 14 Days into the challenge, Kaylee’s skin immediately changed; she went from wearing base every single day, covering up the acne & scars that she had her entire life… to clearer, glowing skin, wearing NO make-up at all!
And that was just the beginning; when Kaylee joined, she was a timid, quiet girl with average goals and very unsure of her future. 60 Days later, Kaylee has become a woman with great aspirations, joining fitness events, as well as a business collaboration in the fitness industry, with her new vibrant lifestyle! Her skin has healed, her physique enhanced… every facet of her life has been taken up a few new levels! Kaylee is indeed an inspiration!


Congratulations to all participants for trusting me when choosing to improve your health!
Kaylee Clifford, Liesl Cromhout, Naveshnie Kruger, Paula Plit, Renate Szabo, Karin Klug, Claudia Mmakoena Sekgoele, Catherine Dowie, Heidi Renzon, Ang Marx.


Special thanks to Fitness Magazine, Charmaine Marchesi, Cheryl Koorn & Sam Roberts Yoga
And a big thank you to the 2018 challenge sponsors:


Magoebaskloof Hotel
The winner received a 2-night stay at this luxurious hotel, located between Polokwane & Tzaneen, in the heart of unspoilt, indigenous bush and trees. Enjoying short hikes to a waterfall and the fresh air of the natural surroundings!


Jackson’s Real Food Market
All events were hosted at Jacksons Eatery in Kyalami where they serve wholesome, organic food – straight from their seasonal vegetable rooftop garden & their in-house real food market.
Check out their stores in Kyalami & Bryanston


Raw C South Africa
All coconut water was sponsored by Raw C SA
Available from Fresh Earth, Jackson’s Real Food Market or online at:  www.treasures4u.co.za


Almond Creamery
Almond Creamery is South Africa’s home of locally made plant-based nut milk.
A prize was sponsored by Almond Creamery to the person who loved her coffee with almond milk, but still made amazing changes to her health, Paula Plit.
Available at: almondcreamery.co.za


Fresh Earth Food Store
The winner received a voucher from Fresh Earth to the value of R1700. Fresh Earth was also our go-to for supplements and Paraherb at their online store: www.freshearth.co.za
“Our passion lies in creating a new understanding of health and sustainability through a combination of modern world creations and the reintroduction of some forgotten principles.”


LenKa Skincare
During the 60 days, LenKa was a consistently supporting brand to all the ladies, assisting with questions about skin, best product type and also one of the main sponsors!
“Providing you with skincare that is free of nasties* for healthy, glowing skin. Daring you to like the way you look. Empowering you to focus your energy on becoming your true & unapologetic self.”
Available at: www.lenkaskincare.co.za


The winner received a gorgeous pair of yoga pants from Spiritgirl, with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (recycled PET), woven with spandex.
Available in a variety of colours at: www.spiritgirl.co.za


Iris Cup & menstrual cups SA
Rona Mirimi sponsored 2 cups to ensure feminine hygiene is the first point of healing!
“Menstrual cups replace tampons and menstrual pads ensuring that no toxins are absorbed.” Available at: ronamirimi.co.za


The runner-up winner received a voucher to the value of R1500 towards purchasing high-end kitchen appliances.
More info available at: www.naturalwise.co.za


Thank you to Excalibur Dehydrators South Africa & Omega Juicers South Africa for sponsoring all equipment used in workshops, videos and demos.


Thank you to Mmangwana Health & Wellness Institute (GP) and Therapeutic Studio & Oxylisious (CT) for providing the participants with oxygen therapy.


Khanyiso Straws
All bamboo straws at the final event at Jackson’s was sponsored by Khanyiso Straws
Available at: plantsoverplastic.co.za

Blendavenda smoothie bikes

Event entertainment was provided by Blendavenda smoothie bikes – an amazing promotional tool to encourage the public to be more active and eat fresh ingredients.
More info at: www.blendavendasmoothiebikes.com