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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to turn my house into a plant-based home?

You can go plant-based overnight, or gradually over 21 days. That depends entirely on your choices, your budget and your health.

Can you help me lose excess weight?
Yes, I can help you! Try my original Fitness Magazine 60 Day Plant-based Challenge or contact me for a custom plan.
Can I take part in the 60 Day Challenge without being a member?
Yes, you can! Purchase the 60 Day Plant-based Challenge. You can also include the Pantry Makeover or One-on-one Consultation in your purchase.
Must I consult my doctor before changing my lifestyle?
Yes, please do! It is important to educate yourself about your current health state, as well as during your healing process.
Can you turn my office into a plant-based office?

Yes! I can assist you with your kitchen detergents and cafeteria.

What equipment do you recommend?
It is a good idea to use high-end kitchen equipment, for maximum benefits: cold press juicers, commercial blenders and equipment as simple as plant milk bags and a spiralizer! Visit my store to purchase from my favourite kitchen equipment list.
Can you help me heal my cancer?
After you have consulted your physician, I can assist you from the natural healing perspective, using plants, herbs and fruit (among other aspects to the cleansing protocol). Please contact me directly to chat more in-depth about this topic.
What is plant-based?
Plant-based is a lifestyle that comprises of consuming whole foods in their natural state (for best nutrition and nourishment), as well as using plant-based, environmentally- and animal-friendly detergents, hygiene products and other household goods.

Meet Alani

Plant-based Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. Recipe Creator. Author.

Plant-based Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. Recipe Creator. Author.

I aim to inspire you to transform from a processed to a plant-based lifestyle for self-healing, optimal-living and weight-loss with my whole-food plant-based recipes, tips and workshops.

I have lost 15kg (and counting) on a raw vegan plant-based diet; hydrated my body on a cellular-level, slowed down the aging process, cured PMS and IBS.