Nutrish ‘n Delish Easy plant based recipes eBook


Nutrish ‘n Delish Easy plant based recipes



Easy vegan raw plant-based recipes to help you along your raw food path.
I’ve created a line of raw vegan foods called Nutrish ‘n Delish®. This is you having your vegan cake and eating it, too – you’re not required to eat food that tastes like tree bark. You can actually savor every morsel, drool as you think about it and/or eat it, and be left reeling from the feeling as your body is fed as much as your taste buds are titillated. You’ll be healthier, hydrated, more energized, you won’t feel guilty about any animals that may have had to suffer for your pleasure, and, best of all, you’ll lose inches around your waist and look sexy as hell in a bikini or your boxers!

The amazing thing is, you won’t need to worry about counting calories or actually behaving on a raw vegan plant based lifestyle; all foods are packed with nutrients to help you live your optimal life.
This book not only provides you with new ideas for salads, but it also shows you how to make cakes and desserts which match those of the cooked food industry. I point out what you need in your kitchen, to make it easier for individuals new to this lifestyle, and I provide you with small recipe tips to help make your raw food making experience easier and more pleasurable.

The book is filled with color pictures taken by me, to emphasize how anyone at home can create these dishes (isn’t it frustrating when you try a new recipe but it just doesn’t seem to turn out like the authors pictures? Well, take a look inside, this is as easy as it gets).

Are you craving cake, but don’t want the guilt? I have a recipe!
Do you want to eat something light for lunch? I have a recipe!

With years of experimenting, I’ve come up with amazing flavor combinations. From creamy dill to zesty avocado; these flavors will definitely satisfy your food desires as a raw vegan!
I also give some tips on raw living; to help you live a life of higher existence!
Please join me in a celebration of YOUR culinary arts as you “cook” from this Nutrish ‘n Delish® range – and lick the plate clean when no one’s watching!